campaign launch to fight draconian terror laws

Friday, 4 November 2005

In response to the latest raft of anti-terror laws being rushed through the Senate, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties will next Friday (11 November 2005) launch a new website and community campaign to inform people of the impact of these laws on their rights. 

NSWCCL Vice-President Pauline Wright said campaign was needed because the government had conducted very little dialogue with the community on the new anti-terrorism laws which are unprecedented in a democratic country like Australia.
“These laws enable government agencies like ASIO or the Police to come into your home and take you away and detain you secretly and indefinitely and without trial, even if you are not suspected of having committed or planned any crime or terrorist act,” she said. 

“And if your husband tells your mother about it, he can be gaoled for 5 years. If a journalist reports it, they will be facing a gaol term too. 

“These are powers like those exercised in communist regimes and have no place in a democratic nation like Australia. 

“It is shameful that an Australian government could propose legislation of such fundamental importance to the rights of the Australian people without first engaging in full and frank discussion with its people. 

“In light of this failure of the political leaders, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties has taken responsibility for making sure the Australian public are informed about the consequences of this abhorrent legislation.” 
Media contact: 
Pauline Wright, NSWCCL Vice-President 
office: (02) 4324 3988, mobile: 0413 211 463