NSWCCL 60 Years Strong

In this our 60th year, now more than ever, the importance of celebrating and remembering who we are is so important.  This body of work remembers our history and honours the extraordinary activists who founded the Council. The centrepiece being a collection of video interviews with key people who have made significant contributions over the decades - “60 Years Strong”. 

We know that the right to free speech, the right to come together in peaceful assembly and to protest against unfair and unjust laws is essential to a functioning democracy. Supporting non-violent, direct action is a hallmark of the Council’s work.

Telling the stories of those who came before us, demonstrates to the wider community that while the fight to protect civil liberties will always be difficult, it can be won. This project continues, please donate here to support.

Hon Cameron Murphy AM, MLC
Life Member NSWCCL
Longest serving President NSWCCL 2000 – 2013

Josh Pallas
Joined NSWCCL 2016
President 2022
Past Vice President & Intern

Dr Lesley Lynch
Joined NSWCCL 2006
Committee & Executive Member
Past Secretary

Malcolm Ramage KC
Joined NSWCCL c1970
Longest Serving NSWCCL Committee Member
Past President, Treasurer & Executive Member

The Hon Dr Meredith Burgmann AM
Joined NSWCCL c1969
Former Client of NSWCCL

Michelle Falstein
Joined NSWCCL 2015
Secretary 2021-22
Committee and Executive Member 2021 ongoing

Stephen Blanks
Joined NSWCCL 1993
Committee & Executive Member
Past Secretary, Treasurer, & President

Tom Kelly
Joined NSWCCL 1970
Committee and Executive Member 1970-1980
1976-78 Full time CCL solicitor appearing before Nagle Royal Commission

Her Honour Magistrate Pauline Wright
Joined NSWCCL 1988
Committee & Executive Member
Past Vice President, President

Professor Wendy Bacon
Academic, investigative journalist, and political activist