Get involved with CCL activities

CCL depends on the voluntary efforts of members and supporters for all our activities.  The current challenges to civil liberties and rights and the demands on CCL exceed our existing volunteer capacity. We encourage members and supporters to consider getting involved in CCL's activities. This can vary from occasional public support of an activity to more intensive and hands on participation.

  • signing a letter, campaign statement or petition
  • joining policy and strategy discussions in action groups and campaigns
  • legal advice and  support in strategic cases   
  • writing submissions and articles 
  • organizing meetings and forums on priority issues
  • contributing to CCL's  digital communications strategy 
  • building CCL's supporter and membership base  
  • planning fundraising activities
  • helping with general administration 

Get to know us and current issues: attend a committee meeting

Committee meetings are held in the City of Sydney Council Chambers in Sydney Town Hall on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Let us know you are coming


Join an action group

Action groups come together around current civil liberties issues and much of CCL's policy and advocacy work is driven by them. Some groups focus on CCL's membership and supporter base and overall financial capacity to remain a key force for civil rights advocacy in Australia.   

Join an Action Group


Join the CCL legal panel

CCL takes up court cases and related legal issues when a significant matter of principle or injustice  is involved.  Solicitors and barristers registered with the legal panel volunteer expert legal support for these CCL interventions 

Join the Legal Panel


Not able to get actively involved at the moment but support our work? Consider a donation to help expand our activities or a specific campaign or project.