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Founded in 1963, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties is one of Australia's leading human rights and civil liberties organisations.

We monitor and fight against infringement of our rights and liberties and the abuse of power by government, its agencies and others. We also work to influence public debate and secure amendments to laws or changes in policy to strengthen our democratic rights and liberties.

We prepare submissions to government, engage regularly in public debates, produce content, hold events and conduct many other activities.

NSWCCL is non-sectarian and non-party political. 

We are a Non-Government Organisation in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, by resolution 2006/221 (21 July 2006).

For individual help, see your personal civil liberties and our COVID resources page.

Latest news

Media Statement - Planned peaceful protest disrupted by NSW Police

“The application in the Supreme Court today to have the Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) planned protest on Thursday declared unlawful by NSW Police is not a genuine attempt...

The Conversation - Reaping what we sow: cultural ignorance undermines Australia’s recruitment of Pacific Island workers

The cracks in Australia’s labour market have deepened since borders closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.  In response, the Federal Government has offered more work visas under...

SBS: MTC facing accusations of gross negligence overseas.

The Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is the US based private prison operator currently running Nauru Regional Processing Centre. The $69 million contract held by MTC equates to approximately $750,000...

The Saturday Paper: Australia misses anti-torture deadline

Australia risks being placed on a human rights blacklist by failing to meet another deadline to implement an international anti-torture agreement. The UN’s Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture...

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