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The NSW Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL) was founded in 1963 with the aim of protecting the rights and liberties of persons in Australia and its Territories. It is now one of Australia's leading human rights and civil liberties organisations.

We monitor and fight against infringement of these rights and liberties and the abuse of power by government, its agencies and others. We advocate strengthening democratic rights and liberties. 

To this end NSWCCL attempts to influence public debate and government policy on a range of civil and human rights issues. We try to secure amendments to laws or changes in policy where civil liberties are not fully respected.

We prepare submissions to government, engage regularly in public debates, produce publications, hold events and conduct many other activities.

NSWCCL is non-sectarian and non-party political.

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Latest news

NSWCCL on Australians stranded overseas due to COVID caps

Media coverage: Brisbane Times The Morrison government is under pressure from within to increase the caps on the number of Australians allowed back into the country after Emirates abruptly suspended...

Statement: NSW Auditor General's Report on privacy, Service NSW

On 18 December 2020, the Auditor-General for New South Wales, Margaret Crawford, released a report criticising the effectiveness of Service NSW’s handling of customers’ personal information to ensure privacy. NSWCCL...

COVID-19 regulations for compliance, rather than criminalising mistakes

Media coverage: Daily Mail 'Heavy-handed fines should be reserved for people who deliberately, flagrantly and dangerously flout the rules, not for people who are confused and make an innocent mistake.'...

NSW Police Force strip search practices, LECC Final Report

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission furnished its report: Inquiry into NSW Police Force strip search practices to Parliament on Tuesday 15th December, 2020.  It is the final report in the Commission’s ongoing...

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