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Founded in 1963, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties is one of Australia's leading human rights and civil liberties organisations.

We monitor and fight against infringement of our rights and liberties and the abuse of power by government, its agencies and others. We also work to influence public debate and secure amendments to laws or changes in policy to strengthen our democratic rights and liberties.

We prepare submissions to government, engage regularly in public debates, produce content, hold events and conduct many other activities.

NSWCCL is non-sectarian and non-party political.

For individual help, see your personal civil liberties and our COVID resources page.

Latest news

The right to peaceful protest must not be suspended via public health order

The legal right to peaceful protest is fundamental to our democracy. Protests hold governments to account and make our country better. While the powerful few are able to write cheques...

Police must not obstruct Legal Observers

Recent incidents in Sydney indicate that NSW Police don't uniformly understand and respect the role of Legal Observers - that must change. Police have obstructed Legal Observers; instructed them to...

'Australia: police doing the political dirty work'

A Swiss perspective on the friendlyjordies arrest: "In Australia, politicians use anti-terror law to muzzle critics: an Australian comedian is currently experiencing first-hand how the anti-terror law can also be...

NSWCCL calls on NSW Government to rethink approach as army called in

NSWCCL notes with concern a request from NSW police for support from the Australian Defence Force to enforce COVID-19 restrictions. While the army has previously been used to enforce border restrictions...

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