nswccl welcomes nsw liberal leader statement for pro-choice on abortion

Tuesday, 2 November 2004 NSWCCL media release: 11/2004


NSW Council for Civil Liberties President, Mr Cameron Murphy, has welcomed comments by NSW Liberal leader, Mr John Brogden on abortion and the issue of choice. 

Mr Brogden is in opposition to a number of conservative politicians including Federal National Party leader John Anderson, Federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott and new National Party minister, De-Anne Kelly. 

Yesterday, Ms Kelly fuelled the issue, saying Medicare benefits for most abortions should be withdrawn. 

On November 1 at 5.55pm on ABC Radio (702AM), Mr Brogden said: 
"I’ve always taken the view that I think we do have to balance a right of choice. I can’t see how we could have a society that moves away from having the right to choose."

Mr Murphy said: 
"There is a worrying trend – particularly among rural and regional MPs – to take a conservative stand on social issues like abortion." 

"That is why I am pleased Mr Brogden has spoken out." 

"The Council for Civil Liberties is committed to a woman’s right to choice. It is an issue between a woman and her doctor." 

"We do not want to see the rights and health of Australia’s women go backwards." 

"The Council also supports a political system where there is a complete separation of Church and State in the Australian political system. The October 9 Federal election saw this nation move uncomfortably to the moral Right which now dominates American politics."

For further information contact: 

Cameron Murphy, NSWCCL President 0411 769 769