clover is right - sniffer dogs must go from sydney city

Friday, 9 July 2004 NSWCCL media release: 5/2004


The NSW Council for Civil Liberties welcomes the actions of the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, in taking a stand against sniffer dogs in the Sydney City Council area. It was reported today that Clover Moore has written to Police Minister Watkins calling for a "city-wide ban on police use of sniffer dogs"

NSWCCL President, Mr Cameron Murphy, said: -- 

“Clover Moore is exactly right. Sniffer dogs should be immediately banned from use in the Sydney City Council area.” 

"Sniffer dogs are getting it wrong in three out of five searches - leading to the public humiliation of innocent people who are forced by police to strip down to their underwear." 

"If speed cameras were wrong three out of five times they would be scrapped, yet these dogs are, and the police are continuing to use them." 

"Police are just wasting valuable resources on harrasment and humiliation as they belligerently continue to use the sniffer dogs in the face of mounting evidence of inaccuracy." 

"The dogs are being used in Sydney City more than in any other Council area and the residents of Sydney are tired enduring this pointless harrasment and humiliation." 

"Minister Watkins should ensure that the use of these dogs is stopped immediately."

For further information contact: 
Cameron Murphy, NSWCCL President: 0411 769 769