nswccl welcomes classification review board decision on anatomy of hell

Thursday, 8 July 2004 NSWCCL media release: 4/2004


The NSW Council for Civil Liberties welcomes the decision of the Classification Review Board to allow Anatomy of Hell to continue to be shown in Australia. Yesterday, the CRB panel decided by a three to one majority to reaffirm the film’s R18+ classification. 

NSWCCL President, Mr Cameron Murphy, said: -- 

“This is a sensible decision by the Classification Review Board.” 

"The primary purpose of any classification system should be to clearly describe the content of a film and provide rating advice so that consumers can make an informed about whether to see it or not." 

"It is the filmgoers who are forking out between $10 - $15 to see a movie and they should be the ones to decide which film to see." 

"Consumers should be provided with as much information as possible, but they should be making the decision about what they watch, not some bureaucrats in Canberra." 

"Far too many films have been banned lately, and this decision is a refreshing relief for consumers rights.”

For further information contact: 
Cameron Murphy, NSWCCL President: 0411 769 769