sniffer dogs in newtown: ccl report

Thursday, 10 June 2004 NSWCCL media release: 2/2004


Only one in five people identified by sniffer dogs in Newtown are actually carrying drugs, a new report released today by CCL has found. 

To coincide with an anti-sniffer dog rally to be held today (10 June 2004) in Newtown, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties has released a report on the operation of NSW Police drug detection dogs in Newtown. The report reviews the warrants issued by the Newtown Local Court to Newtown and Marrickville police. The warrants authorise the use of sniffer dogs in public places, for example along King St and Enmore Rd. 

The major findings of the report are that: 

    • only 1 in 5 people identified by the dogs (and subsequently searched by police) are actually carrying prohibited drugs

    • the vast majority of positive drug detections are for small amounts of cannabis

    • Newtown police are targeting the local methadone clinic

    • Newtown police are targeting Newtown railway station because, according to police, "many commuters are found in possession of illegal drugs"

    • Marrickville police are requesting and obtaining warrants covering 5 entire inner-western suburbs

You can read the report here. (pdf)

For further information contact: 
Cameron Murphy, NSWCCL President: 0411 769 769