civil libertarians, doctors & actors to offer john howard honorary american citizenship

Monday, 27 January 2003 NSWCCL media release: 5/2003


A group of prominent civil libertarians, doctors and actors will today at Kiribilli House at 10:00AM, offer Prime Minister John Howard an application for honorary American citizenship as a reward for his commitment of Australian troops to the Iraq war. The group will also express their total opposition to Australian involvement in a war on Iraq. 

The group will include: 

Actors - Judy Davis, Colin Friels, Toni Collette. 
Civil Libertarians - Cameron Murphy, David Bernie, Jeremy Styles. 
Doctors - Gillian Deakin, Robert Marr. 
World war two soldier and former prisoner of war Tom Uren.

NSWCCL President, Cameron Murphy, said: 

"Mr. Howard has excellent qualifications to become an American Citizen. He has shown unswerving obedience to the commands and wishes of the American President Mr. George Bush." 

"Mr. Howard is willing to risk Australian soldiers lives to further American policy." 

"Any involvement of australian troops in a war on Iraq would be illegal in international law without United Nations approval." 

"I will be presenting Mr Howard with an application for American Citizenship as he is clearly placing his frienship and loyalty to Mr Bush above his responsibility to the Australian people."

Australian Actor, Ms Judy Davis, said: 

"In solidarity with the majority of citizens in the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, and of course Australia, we condemn the Howard government's unparliamentary decision to send Australian troops to the Iraq region without the approval of the United Nations."

Australian Medical Association for the Prevention of War, Convenor, Dr. Gillian Deakin, said: 

"As a doctor, I am concerned that brave Australian soldiers lives are being put at risk in an illegal and unjust war to further American foreign policy."

The protest action will begin at 10:00AM sharp at Kirribilli House, Sydney. 
The presentation of the application for honorary American citizenship will occur at 10:30AM. 
All are welcome to attend.

For further information contact: 

NSWCCL President, Mr Cameron Murphy, 0411-769-769 

AMAPW Convenors, Dr. Gillian Deakin, 0422-734-336 or Dr. Robert Marr, 0419 166 267