civil liberties welcomes greens drug policy

Sunday, 2 March 2003 NSWCCL media release: 3/2003


NSWCCL President, Mr Cameron Murphy, today welcomed the announcement of the NSW Greens policy on on drugs that targets rehabilitation and provides real solutions rather than just rhetoric. 

Mr Murphy said: 

"For the first time in this state we see a drug policy that will achieve positive results." 

"Rather than continuing to promote empty and unworkable policies based on law an order, the NSW Greens are the first major party in NSW to offer real solutions on drugs." 

"The so-called war on drugs was lost a long time ago and the ever increasing availability of illicit drugs clearly demonstrates this fact." 

"What the Greens have done is to propose new policy steps that are simply in line with the recommendations of the recent Drug Summit and should have been implemented long ago." 

"Rather than more empty rhetoric about being tough on drugs, the Greens policy actually seeks to do something realistic about drugs." 

"In our view this policy will lead to a reduction on drug related harm and deaths, a reduction in the illicit drug trade and the elimination of control by organised crime of drugs." 

"This policy should be welcomed by forward thinking citizens as a sea change and a policy that will deliver results." 

"This policy is perhaps the most significant advance in the 'war on drugs' since it began and the first step in winning that 'war'."

For further information contact: 

Cameron Murphy, NSWCCL President 0411-769-769