nsw council for civil liberties welcomes premier's comments over baise-moi ban

Sunday, 12 May 2002 NSWCCL media release: 4/2002


NSW Council for Civil Liberties President, Mr Cameron Murphy, today supported Premier Carr's call for legal advice over the banning of the film Baise Moi

Mr Murphy said: 

"as someone who is usually critical of Premier Carr, on this issue I believe he is taking a sensible approach by asking for legal advice about whether we have to enforce this ban in NSW." 

"This filem is an adult film, and adults should be able to decide what is appropriate for them to see or not to see. After all, they are the ones that go to the cinema an fork out their $12-$14 and they should be able to decide what is appropriate for them." 

"The Classification Review Board is making a decision for everyone in banning this film, rather than allowing responsbile adults to decide themselves what is appropriate for them to see." 

"The banning of this film, after it has been screening for over a month, is a clear case of political interference from the Federal Attorney General, Daryl Williams." 

"I understand that the Premier has today called for legal advice over the enforcement of this ban and I believe that NSW Police can, and should, refuse to enforce it." 

"NSW Police, who are responsible for enforcing this ban by prosecuting those who screen and watch it, should ignore filmgoers in favour of serious crime." 

"The last thing that we need is NSW Police being diverted from their important duties and going off to arrest innocent filmgoers and cinema operators." 

"There is legal precedent for NSW to choose not to enforce Commonwealth laws. The situation surrounding the heroin injecting room at Kings Cross is a good example of this practice." 

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Cameron Murphy, 
NSWCCL President 
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