workers compensation changes will set dangerous precedent

Wednesday, 4 April 2001 NSWCCL media release: 5/2001


Cameron Murphy, President of the NSWCCL said today, 

"Comissioners will be making the final decision on compensation under this system and there will be no right of review. This is a dangerous precedent for all forms of compensation in NSW." 

"If we allow workers compensation to be railroaded in this fashion and remove the fairness of payments it will only be a matter of time until all compensation schemes are watered down in the same way. Ultimately, even victims compensation could become meaningless." 

"Them proposed changes will seriously damage the ability for workers to access justice, and obtain fair compensation." 

"It is unfair in the extreme to expect injured workers to suffer even further by forcing them to accept less compensation. It sends the wrong messages to employers who allow these injuries to occur when you reduce the compensation paid." 

"Specifically, workers will not be able to have their claim heard by an independent judicial body but will be left with an administrative system of justice. The effect will be a reduction in payments for permanent impairment to workers who deserve adequate compensation." 

"There are no guarantees that workers will be adequately compensated if these changes go through. It will save the scheme money at the expense of a workers right to be compensated fairly for their injury." 

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