waugh has right to silence

Thursday, 25 January 2001 NSWCCL media release: 1/2001


Cameron Murphy, President of the NSWCCL said today, 

“Every person has a right to maintain their silence and Mark Waugh is no different. He should expect and receive much more decent treatment than he has from Cricket Authorities. After all he does have the same rights as everyone else.” 

“The decision by the Australian Cricket Board to drop Mark Waugh from the Australian team is disgraceful and without foundation.” 

“Mark Waugh is within his rights to maintain his silence until the ACB explain what he is accused of and what questions he would expect to answer.” 

“It is no more than a fishing expedition in grand terms to compel Mark Waugh to front up and answer questions without any evidence of wrongdoing being put to him.” 

“All too often in Australia today there is an expectation that people should have to prove their innocence when confronted with an allegation. We need to return to a system of natural justice and force the accusers to substantiate their allegations.” 

“Mark Waugh’s case is extraordinary as he is being asked to appear and answer questions under threat of dismissal and there isn’t even an accusation that he has done anything wrong. The ACB should know better than to treat one of its best players in this un-sportsmanlike fashion.” 

President, CAMERON MURPHY 0411 769 769