Sydney Criminal Lawyers: NSW Labor Considers Revoking Draconian Anti-Protest Laws

NSWCCL President, Josh Pallas, spoke to journalist Paul Gregoire in the lead up to the NSW Labor State Conference about the campaign to overturn the draconian anti-protest laws currently in place in New South Wales.

A coalition of civil-rights groups is currently calling on the public to contact their Labor representatives to ensure they vote to overturn this legislation and reinstate the right to protest. 

NSWCCL has joined with Amnesty International and Legal Observers NSW to launch a letter writing campaign in order to call on Labor politicians to do the right thing and repeal these laws. Constituents can inform their local Labor parliamentarians via email. The laws have had a demonstrable chilling effect on protest and have led to significant arrests of climate protestors from Fireproof and Blockade Australia. 

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