Take action now to protect protest rights

We oppose the new laws in NSW which have made it a crime, punishable by up to 2 years in jail and a $22,000 fine, to even briefly obstruct a road or block the entrance to train stations, ports and public and private infrastructure.

When we unite, we win. Activism changes history and the right to stand together and peacefully protest must be protected and defended for every citizen, not pared back. The NSW government’s anti-protest laws fly in the face of what civil society organisations fight for.

It's shocking that a law threatening peaceful protesters with significant jail time and fines has been passed in Australia in 2022. In a liberal democracy, the government should welcome citizens expressing their views, not try to intimidate them out of doing so. This law is an outrage, but we have a chance to repeal it. We fought for protest rights in the 70s and won - JOIN US and we'll do the same now.

Call your local representative here and send an email below.

Banner photo credit: Aman Kapur