Statement: Fee increase on visa matters

25 February 2021 


Asylum seekers who are denied visas by Mr. Dutton, the Minister for Home Affairs, will now face fees of $3,330 to appeal to the Federal Circuit Court to have his decisions reviewed and overturned.  This is a clear, deliberate and unconscionable action by the Morrison Government to deny asylum seekers access to the Courts and to justice.  

The Senate yesterday debated a motion by Senator Stirling Griff to overturn the decision, but although the ALP, the Greens, and Senators Rex Patrick and Jacqui Lambie supported the motion, that was one vote short of the number needed to carry it.  

Mr. Dutton does not always get things right.  As a consequence of this decision, some asylum seekers will be detained in prison-like conditions for years, or, worse, sent back to countries from which they fled in fear for their lives, and in some cases, the lives of their children.

The fee hike is a 380% increase from $690 to $3,330 and applies only to migration matters. Other non-corporate filing fees will remain below $1,000. It uniquely targets people challenging migration decisions and seeking asylum and, because these astronomical fees will be out of reach for many within that group, means the effective denial of justice to some of the most vulnerable people coming before the justice system in Australia.

Enquires and/or for comment please contact:

NSWCCL President Pauline Wright 0418 292 656, or
Asylum Seeker & Refugee Action Group Co-convenor Dr Martin Bibby 0415 511 617