Right to Protest

The legal right to protest is fundamental to our democracy. Only after tireless, sustained protest did Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people win the right to vote, did LGBT+ people achieve marriage equality, and did unions secure the eight hour work day.

Right now, during COVID-19 health restrictions, the right to protest is vital for minority groups and supporters who continue to rally against state violence and injustice.

The Right to Protest Action Group aims to provide support to protest organisers and protestors who wish to exercise their right to protest. 

Register as a legal practitioner willing to assist on the right to protest

Find/contact a legal practitioner to assist you in relation to the right to protest

Arrested or issued with a fine?
Here are some resources to assist those seeking legal advice/representation and with self-representation.

*NSWCCL supports the right to peacefully protest in observance of current NSW Health Public Health orders and restrictions, details of which can be found HERE.