Green Left: Tell Labor to commit to repeal the anti-protest laws

Pressure continues to build on the NSW Labor Parliamentary team in the lead up to NSW Labor Conforence this weekend. Some of the greatest gains in history have been delivered through large-scale protest movements which would not be lawful under the current NSW Government anti-protest laws; the decriminalisation of homosexuality, women’s right to vote and many others. This, no doubt, is weighing heavily on the minds of many community minded Labor MPs who have actively participated in protest actions over recents years.

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL) is urging members of the public to tell their local Labor representative why they support repealing these draconian laws. The capacity of community members to freely gather in protest and communicate their political views is foundational to democracy.

Right now in NSW, this capacity is severely constrained by the anti-protest laws which were rushed through parliament and enacted in April with Labor’s support. Now is the chance for Labor to stand with protestors to protect the right to protest.  Unions NSW, community organisations and civil liberties groups have taken a stand against the laws.

NSWCCL urges the community to join this campaign by contacting Labor MPs and call on them to support the motion at the Labor Conference this weekend.

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