Fines confusion

This Sydney Morning Herald article talks to people fined $1000 for eating outside. It quotes NSWCCL President Pauline Wright, who points out that the Police Commissioner's assurance to police that he wouldn't hold them accountable for wrongly issued fines is “tacit acknowledgement that the rules are difficult to understand.”

“If the police can’t be expected to fully understand them, and it’s their job, how are ordinary people expected to understand and comply as well?” Ms Wright said.

Former Director of Public Prosecutions and ex NSWCCL President Nicholas Cowdery said the order had been left for both the public and police to interpret separately. “For some people sunbaking or stamp collecting is recreation... Obviously, there’s going to be confusion and difficulties in enforcement,” he said.

“The public health orders are usually very broadly drawn and for the better guidance of compliance and enforcement, it would be a good idea if those responsible for drafting those orders put a bit more time and effort into making them more specific.”

Read the full article: ‘What do you think you’re doing?’: Sydneysiders stung for eating outside Sydney Morning Herald 25 August '21