Police Commissioner's comments a "failure of leadership"

The Sydney Morning Herald writes that, in a video to the force, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller asked officers to "put community policing to the side" for 21 days. He went on to say "I have said before, if you write a ticket, and you get it wrong, I understand, and I won’t hold you to account for that."

Former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions and NSWCCL committee member and former President, Nicholas Cowdery QC, said while it was important all legitimate means be used to deal with the crisis, it was a “failure of leadership to tell officers in advance that if they get something wrong, there will be no consequences”.

“A leader should be encouraging all officers under his or her command to comply with the law and do the right thing, and making it clear that if that doesn’t happen, there will be consequences,” Mr Cowdery said.

Macquarie University adjunct professor of law George Newhouse, who also heads the National Justice Project legal service, said the approach promoted by Mr Fuller seemed counterproductive to the desired health outcomes.

“Police need to learn to work co-operatively with the community and not use bullying and harassment tactics. It just breaks down the trust that is necessary,” he said.

Read the full article: Police Commissioner says officers wrongly issuing tickets won’t be held to account Sydney Morning Herald 19 Aug '21