We face a health crisis not a crime wave

The Coast Community News examines the Government's COVID roadmap out of lockdown and talks to our President Pauline Wright about the current restrictions.

“While this deadly pandemic is still around," she said, "we do need to accept there are going to be some limits and we’re going to have to show that we have a licence to go about our business.

However, Wright said she was highly concerned over the range of ‘Stay at Home’ measures brought in by the NSW Government.

“The Council is onboard with having properly calibrated temporary measures that are designed to reduce the spread of this deadly pandemic so there is no argument about that,” Wright said.

“But what we are concerned about is the overreach and disproportionality of some of the measures and we are really concerned about the special powers announced on August 20.

“We are facing a health crisis and not a crime wave.

“These are significant new powers which have been given on top of the existing sweeping powers entrusted to police over the citizens of NSW.

“Heavy-handed policing will not lead to successful health outcomes and is likely to undermine trust not only in police but also in the government that empowered them.

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