NSWCCL endorses UPR shadow reports together with joint NGOs and international surveillance groups

NSW Council for Civil Liberties has formally endorsed two separate Shadow Reports for the United Nations' 2015 Universal Periodic Review of Australia: firstly, a Joint NGO Submission together with a wide range of NGOs across Australia; and secondly, a submission specifically relating to Surveillance in Australia together with international and national surveillance groups. 


Joint NGO Submission

This submission, coordinated by the Human Rights Law Centre, the National Association of Community Legal Centres, and Kingsford Legal Centre, covers a broad range of human rights and inequality within Australia, and highlights concern over the Australian Government's inaction in implementing recommendations from the last UPR in 2011. 


Surveillance in Australia: Breaching the Rights to Privacy, Freedom of Expression, and an Effective Remedy

NSWCCL has regularly engaged with Washington-based think tank Center for Democracy and Technology in relation to the global context of surveillance and the Five Eyes network. CDT was the leader on this CCL-endorsed Shadow Report that focuses on Australia's secret surveillance practices, and the incompatibility of these practices with international human rights instruments. 

Read the full UPR Shadow Report here. 
You can also see the summary on the CDT website