The Mandarin: Human rights model proposes new obligations for public servants

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has put forward a new human rights framework which aims to embed human rights considerations as part of the culture of public administration for policy and decision-making in Australia. This would include a requirement for public servants to consult with people who are either directly affected by policies and laws such as First Nations Australians, children and people with a disability, the Mandarin's Melissa Coade reports. 

AHRC president Rosalind Croucher said an ongoing conversation about Australia’s human rights protection system had evolved over the past three years with a view to creating an inclusive and robust legal framework.

Regarding the Human rights act model, NSWCCL tweeted "Last night the @AusHumanRights released their Free + Equal position paper on A Human Rights Act for Australia. It is a huge step forward in the call for putting human rights at the heart of our laws!"

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