The Mandarin: ‘A gaping hole in Australia’s integrity’: case for getting federal anti-corruption agency right

The Mandarin has reported on the National Press Club of Australia's event at which our President Pauline Wright spoke, commenting that restoring faith in politicians and government agencies will require a Federal ICAC with powers akin to a royal commission. 

"It undermines confidence in all levels of government and its agencies — they’re fundamental to the delivery of citizens’ expectations and aspirations, for Australia to be a fair, prosperous and ethical society,” Wright said on Wednesday. She this bar is too high and undermines the likelihood of evidence unveiling during the investigation process. 

“That’s what investigations are designed to do – to uncover evidence. You shouldn’t need the evidence to begin with, that’s what the investigation is for,” she said. 

“While criminal conduct should, of course, be a priority for any anti-corruption body, it should be able to investigate other forms of misconduct – for example, links between financial contributions and political favours should be explored – even if an improper motive which is required to meet the criminal threshold can’t be established.” 

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