The Guardian: Ken Henry on why jobseeker should be increased

The interim economic inclusion committee has recently released a report that sets out the catastrophic impact that the current rate of the jobseeker payment has had on many Australians. Currently, only $50 a day is payable to a single individual, which is two-thirds of the single rate of age pension. This is completely unsustainable for anyone living in modern Australia.

The Report observes the rate of payment currently is 40% of the minimum wage, with an expectation that 80% of individuals on jobseeker will be reliant on these payments for a minimum 12 months. This ascertain is not realistic considering the current economy is close to full employment. Henry says that those struggling to find employment in such a tight labour market will need extra assistance and it is cruel to believe these individuals should be made to live on $50 a day. 

With a number of Labor backbenchers breaking ranks and publicly lobbying for change, we live in hope.

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