Sydney Criminal Lawyers: Home Affairs Erodes Oversight to Spying on Citizens, Warns NSWCCL

Our president Pauline Wright voiced her concerns about the National Security Legislation Amendment (Comprehensive Review and Other Measures No 1) Bill 2021, which will expand the reach of Australian intelligence, to Sydney Criminal Lawyers. 

'According to Wright, laws within the bill permit international intelligence collection agencies to surveil Australians over potential connections to listed terrorism agencies that could result in being criminalised for the mere participation in a “lamington drive” or a “sausage sizzle” to raise money.'

'The liberties advocate further explained that these measures have “the potential to limit the freedom of journalists and media organisations and to inhibit the provision of information to the public”, as reporting on such entities might be taken as tacit approval.'

“A journalist could be seen to be supporting a terrorist organisation with their words, even if they’re supporting just one aspect of its philosophy, for instance,” Wright continued. “It’s just not tightly defined enough. There’s real potential for overreach.”

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