Sydney Criminal Lawyers: “Cautiously Optimistic” NSW Council for Civil Liberties Josh Pallas on Albanese

Josh Pallas, President NSWCCL, sat down with Sydney Criminal Lawyer's Paul Gregoire to discuss Josh’s take on the new Albanese Government. Josh wrote last week that NSWCCL welcomes the end of the Morrison government, while it’s “cautiously optimistic” about the coming of Albanese and the changes it could bring.

"My views haven’t changed, I remain cautiously optimistic. The picture of the Nadesalingam family back in Biloela over the weekend were great and social services minister Amanda Rishworth’s early end to the trial of the cashless debit card for welfare recipients was another excellent news story.

The attorney general also sounds like he’s busy at work making preparations for the introduction of a national integrity commission. So, there are definitely promising signs." Josh Pallas said. 

"But, on the other hand, there are still boat turnbacks in breach of Australia’s international obligations, and the attorney general is already talking about bringing a new version of the Religious Discrimination Bill before parliament, which are causes for concern.

Overall, though, the tenor of the debate has been much more respectful and open which is a positive outcome for everyone." 

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