Senate Electoral Reform



Sacha Blumen spoke to the issue and discussion followed.

Resolution 6.1

NSWCCL calls on the Australian Government to ensure that our Senate electoral system is
consistent with the following democratic principles:

a) the body that is elected must have legitimacy – i.e. popular acceptance of its authority;
b) the body that is elected must reflect the collective expressed intention of voters;
c) voters must be freely able to easily cast a formal vote that reflects their preferences;
d) voters should not have to register a vote for candidates they oppose or do not wish to support;
e) voters must be able to easily understand the potential effect of their vote;
f) barriers to new candidates and parties contesting an election must be sufficiently low so that they are not material barriers to new candidates and parties contesting an election;
g) the administration of electoral systems and conduct of elections must be conducted transparently.

As the current Senate electoral system is not consistent with these principles, NSWCCL urges the Australian Parliament to act on the recommendations of the Interim report on the inquiry into the conduct of the 2013 Federal Election (Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, May 2014) which recognises the undemocratic aspects of the current system and proposes sensible solutions.

Moved: Sacha Blumen/ Carolyn Barkell: That the resolution 6.1 be adopted. Carried.