How can I get involved in a campaign?

I am a university student and would really love to do some volunteer work with your organization. Are there any opportunities for me to get involved with a campaign?


The NSWCCL is actively engaged with students. We suggest that anyone interested in volunteering or interning with the organisation attend our Committee Meetings held fortnightly at Sydney Town Hall in the Council Chambers. These meetings are the key part of our organisation, and it should give you an idea of the campaigns we are focusing on. You may have a chance to meet some of the Executive and Committee members and see if there are any particular areas that interest you.


Are protests effective?

I would like to know whether it is worth my time being involved in a protest?


Protests are an effective and powerful form of advocacy that helps protect civil liberties for all stakeholders in Australia. NSWCCL protests and advocacy has increased the profile of civil rights in Australia leading to reform and justice.