Bill of rights for Australia and NSW

Policy statement (2014) - NSWCCL supports a human rights act for all Australians

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties supports a constitutionally-entrenched federal Bill of Rights for all Australians. The Council also supports the interim measure of instituting a statutory Human Rights Act: to encourage a rights culture in Australian; and to provide Australians with the opportunity to become accustomed to the idea of a Bill of Rights.

Australian law, as it currently stands, does not protect even the most fundamental rights that Australians assume they have. For example, the law does not fully protect freedom of religion or freedom of speech. A Bill of Rights, however, will protect these fundamental rights and freedoms.

Does Australia violate human rights?

Yes, it does. The UN Human Rights Committee has found on several occasions that Australia has breached the fundamental human rights of people living in Australia. And without a Bill of Rights, Australians can only complain to the UN, not to Australian courts!