Policy: 1988 Brief


Complaints against Police - the Ombudsman's powers (CM. 25.5.88)

The Council condemns the Government's attempts to restrict the powers of the Ombudsman as bad in principle and inconsistent with the promise to enhance the powers of the Ombudsman made by Mr Greiner before the 1988 State election.


CM. 27.4.88

That CCL legal aid is to be granted only by the Committee or, in emergencies, by the Chairperson of the Legal Panel in consultation with some or all of the Executive, and that the Chairperson of the Legal Panel report on a regular basis to the Committee on the status of cases in which CCL has given assistance.


Fisheries Regulations and the right of appeal (CM. 26.10.88)

That there should be an obligation on the authority when notifying a fisherperson of its decisions, to also inform the fisherperson of his/her right of appeal and not merely of its decision and;

The Minister should be under an express obligation to afford the appellant a hearing.


Video Material (CM. 27.7.88)

That the CCL opposes the proposed changes to the classification of video cassettes and supports the introduction of a classification of non-violent erotica.


CM 27.4.88

That CCL oppose the principle of compulsory reporting of financial transactions to a government agency and oppose the creation of a criminal offence for not reporting suspicions of suspect transactions, however, defined.

CM 22.6.88

That CCL considers that the Bill imposes an unacceptable degree of surveillance over the affairs of individuals within the community. The Bill is unacceptable in that it replaces the law on breach of confidence and defamation with an obligation on bankers to betray confidences in them.