Policy: 1985 Brief


Film (CM. 28.8.85)

CCL policy is that all adults have the right to view films unhindered by the actions of the Film Censorship Board.


CM. 28.8.85

That the council opposes any proposal to criminalise consensual activity by an AIDS carrier who is aware of his or her condition without informing his or her partner of the risks involved and also opposes the proposal to compel the passing of information disclosing the identity of persons carrying AIDS antibodies to government medical authorities. The Council is of the view that enforcement of such a law would be impossible and attempts to enforce it will merely drive underground those people in need of medical assistance and will be a direct encouragement to discrimination against homosexuals.  


CM. 26.7.85

That Gaming should be treated as a business and regulated under the Local Government Act and the Land and Environment Court. The Gaming Act should be amended by repealing those sections which:

  • prohibit amusement devices;
  • prohibit the organisation of a gaming house and/or unlawful game;
  • prohibit the use of a place as, or access to, a gaming house;
  • make unlawful various games;
  • create the offence of being in a gaming house without lawful excuse;
  • permit the entry by police of any place suspected of being a gaming house;
  • declaration of a gaming house;
  • forfeiture of money arising out of (i) or (ii).