Policy: 1968 Brief


CM. 5.6.68.

"Re Professor Rose, anthropologist refused permission to visit Groote Eylandt. The Committee feels it should protest that permission was refused on political grounds and express 'its disapproval of the ban'. Resolved that a letter be sent to the press in these terms."


Censorship subcommittee report adopted by the Committee (CM. 23.10.68).

Section 27 of the New South Wales Theatres and Public Halls Act should be deleted (this section empowers the Chief Secretary to prohibit or regulate the holding of any public entertainment whenever he is of the opinion that it is fitting so to do for the preservation of good manners and decorum.


CM. 5.2.68.

'Considering the contentious erosion of the rights of the individual by legislative and administrative action, the Council for Civil Liberties will take all necessary steps to bring about a change of the constitution of the Commonwealth which will guarantee the widest freedom of the individual compatible with ordered Government.'


CM. 20.3.68.

'That the Council for Civil Liberties supports the principle of equal pay for women.'


Letter to Minister for Local Government (12th June 1968).

The Sydney City Council Ordinance which prohibits the distribution of handbills (including political leaflets) on any street should be repealed.


Letter to press, quoted in Civil Liberty (August 1968).

'The Council for Civil Liberties, while considering conscription to be a political issue rather than one of civil liberties, wishes nonetheless to express its opposition to some of the proposed amendments to the National Service Act. It finds objectionable the use of informers and the penalties placed on persons who decline to inform, particularly parents. It regards the power to examine personal records as an invasion of privacy of employing bodies and educational institutions. It is perturbed that alleged offences, carrying sentences of imprisonment up to two years, shall be tried by a magistrate without the defendant having the option of a jury.'

N. B. The National Service Act has never been repealed.


CM. 23.10.68.

'That this Committee, not having investigated or having detailed knowledge of the practice of Scientology, would, however, if legislation in respect to scientology were proposed, oppose legislation directed solely to preventing the association of members of that organisation. The Criminal Law should always be directed against antisocial acts and offences defined in terms of the ingredients of the offence and not in terms of membership of any organisation. The committee is not by this resolution approving or disapproving any proposed legislation that may deal with the alleged antisocial behaviour of scientologists and postpone consideration of any proposed legislation until such time as it is brought forward, if at all.'