Policy: 1966 Brief


CM. 13.12.66.

'That the question of capital punishment is a matter of civil liberties; that the Committee of the Council for Civil Liberties is opposed to capital punishment.'


Request to Minister for Customs reported in Newsletter No. 9 (September 1966).

There should be removed from the Customs (Cinematograph Films) Regulations those sections which authorise the banning of a film which, in the opinion of the Censorship Board, "is likely to be offensive to the people of a friendly nation or to people of a part of the Queen's dominions"; or "depicts any matter the exhibition of which is undesirable in the public interest."


CM. 20.7.66.

'Without entering into the political controversy surrounding the issue of Australian intervention in Vietnam, the Council for Civil Liberties disapproves of the addition of a bond to fines imposed in petty offences incurred in the course of peaceful demonstrations of legitimate views and considers this to be an undesirable pressure on citizens to refrain from so demonstrating their views.'


Letter to Minister for Public Works, quoted in Newsletter No. 8 (May 1966).

'The procedure provided for in the Local Government Act, whereby the owner of land intended to be resumed must be notified of the intention and given the opportunity to object before issue of the resumption notice, should be incorporated in the Public Works Act in relation to resumption under that Act.'