Pearls and Irritations: Police debunk Pro-Israel NSW premier’s false “Gas the Jews” claim

In 2023, a video surfaced, widely reported by outlets like Fox News, TMZ, and the Monthly, purportedly showing pro-Palestine protesters at the Opera House chanting "Gas the Jews," according to the video's captions. However, following an extensive investigation by the NSW Police into its authenticity, they have concluded that there is no evidence supporting these claims.

The Police reviewed “significant volumes” of audio and visual footage and concluded with “overwhelming certainty” that the phrase actually chanted was “where’s the Jews”, not “Gas the Jews”.

This took place at a peacful rally on the 9th of October 2023 in response to the Sydney Opera House being lit up with the

It was reported that the police had told protesters that the Jewish community would come to the Opera House for the lighting of the sails in Israeli colours, so they needed to move on. In response, some stayed back and chanted “where’s the Jews?”.

In response to the Police report, the NSW Council for Civil liberties, President Ms. Lydia Shelly, described the NSW Premier’s behaviour as “another example of how due process, civil liberties and human rights can be swept aside under the guise of ‘expediency.’ Regurgitating the serious allegations as a ‘fact’ ripped at the fabric of our social cohesion and caused unnecessary harm to vulnerable communities.”

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