Sign here: Oppose the NSW Knife and Bail Laws

It is time that Premier Minns and the Labor Government tell the people of New South Wales the truth:

  • These newly announced “Knife and Bail laws” will not make communities safer. We know from the independent research that the opposite is true.
  • These laws evidence the substantial lengths the current Government will go to distract communities from the abysmal and chronic underfunding of mental health and frontline services that go to the heart of crime prevention.T
  • These laws allow the police to have extraordinary and unprecedented search powers that will allow members of the public to be subject to a police search without reasonable suspicion and will disproportionately target young people, First Nations and CALD people and LGBTQI+ communities.
  • These laws cement Labor’s role in being part of the problem and not part of the solution.

We call on the Minns Government to abandon the recently announced reckless, counter-productive and ill-conceived Knife and Bail laws” laws.

Will you sign?