On David Hicks 2011



The Committee had recommended that the AGM endorse the following policy statement in relation to David Hicks:

Because we share the outrage of very many Australians at the consistent and ongoing denial of justice, fairness and due legal process to David Hicks from the time of his capture and detainment in 2002 and at the use of torture on David Hicks during his detention, the NSWCCL:

  1. Supports David Hicks in his campaign to clear his name and have his plea bargain conviction overturned.   
  2. Calls on the Australian Government to conduct a comprehensive, independent and open inquiry into David Hick’s detention and treatment in Guantanamo Bay and his treatment by the Australian Government on his return to Australia.
  3. Calls on the Australian Government to reverse its unwarranted and vindictive decision to seize funds from the sale of David Hick’s book Guantanamo My Journey under the Commonwealth Proceeds of Crime Act.

Moved Stephen Blanks /Lesley Lynch: That the policy relating to David Hicks be approved: Carried unanimously.