NSWCCL concerned about health and safety of persons in custody, COVID-19

The NSWCCL has written to the Commissioner of Corrective Services NSW, the NSW Health Minister and the CEO of Justice Health to express concerns in relation to the health and safety of persons in custody in NSW in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Council notes that there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the inmate population and that 23 have been isolated for testing. We note that there was a confirmed case of a healthcare employee at the Long Bay prison hospital in March 2020. 

Whilst we are much relieved that NSW has not experienced an outbreak in our prisons to date, correctional centres remain a ‘high risk’ setting, as identified by the Australian Government Department of Health and we hold concerns in relation to:

  1. Issues impacting inmates’ capacity to social distance
  2. The impact on inmates’ mental health and wellbeing as a result of restrictions to visits, lockdowns and reduced access to program.
  3. Access to mental health care in this time

The letter raises the following questions -

  • Could you please provide information as to how social distancing is being enforced and how contact with high risk items such as dishes and laundry is being managed?
  • Could you please inform us in relation to how are visits currently being facilitated and are there sufficient facilities to cope with the demand for communication with family? Is there a plan to allow a return face to face visits and if so, what will be the restrictions associated with these visits? In relation to rehabilitation programs, could you please let us know the policy in relation to restrictions, in relation to what programs are currently restricted and if known, when/how will programs resume?
  • Could you please let us know whether any inmates have been released early to parole by the Commissioner under the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 (and regulations relating to COVID-19) and whether there is an intention to reduce the prison population further through early release? 

More information: Read the full letter.

Letter sent via email to:
The Hon Brad Hazzard - Minister for Health
Peter Severin - Commissioner, Corrective Services NSW
Gary Forrest - CEO, Justice Health