NSWCCL: Calls on NSW Police to cease the intimidation of activists

NSWCCL understands that in a disturbing NSW Police operation over recent days, activists from a range of groups and networks have received unannounced visits by police to their homes. These visits have been occuring in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. People have been questioned about whether they plan on attending any protests connected with the International Minerals and Resources Conference scheduled to be held in Sydney over 2-4 November. The purpose of these visits, it appears, is to pressure people against participating in peaceful protest.

In June 2022, NSWCCL and a number of other civil society organisations called on NSW Police to act ‘responsibly, with integrity and respect for human rights’ with respect to activists exercising their rights to free assembly and expression.  We again urge our police to do so.

For more information, read our letter to the NSW Police and the NSW Government.