Mamamia: 95-year-old Clare was Tasered by police today. 15 years ago she was in the headlines for a very different reason.

In 2008, great-grandmother Clare Nowland was filmed for a feel-good segment by the ABC when she decided to go skydiving for her 80th birthday. 

This week, the now 95 year old has made headlines for a different and incredibly disturbing reason, after she was allegedly Tasered by police in an incident at her nursing home. This occured after police were called to Cooma's Yallambee Lodge after Ms Nowland, who has dementia, was found holding a steak knife

It was reported that when police tried to negotiate with Nowland, she refused to drop the knife all while approaching police "slowly" with her walking frame. 

Avodcates are questioning the lack of care that was shown for Nowland and the lack of police and healthcare worker training that may have contributed to the incident. This includes NSW Council for Civil Liberties president Josh Pallas who said that police should not be using Tasers on vulnerable people experiencing dementia or a mental health crisis. 

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