Letter: Voter ID Bill

NSWCCL opposes the Government’s proposed changes to electoral legislation that would require registered voters to show ID prior to casting their vote at the polling booth on election day.

These changes are:

  • Not needed. There is no evidence of voter impersonation. 
  • Ineffective. There’s no requirement for proof of residence, while the primary purpose of marking off the electoral roll is to determine that the voter’s address is within the electorate.
  • Rushed. This kind of change requires serious consideration and time for implementation and should not be attempted this close to an election.
  • Based on a false comparison. The Bill purports to bring Australia into line with Canada and Sweden - but neither has an equivalent system to ours, so the comparison is not appropriate.
  • Inequitable. The bill is likely to disproportionately impact groups who may face issues accessing ID - including homeless people, First Nations people and those living in remote communities.

We wrote to Jacqui Lambie and Senator Stirling Griff to encourage them to vote against the Bill.

Read our letter to Senator Jacqui Lambie