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Refugee week: five steps the Government should take

Refugee Week 2021: Australia is watching the unfolding fate of the Biloela family, leading us to reflect on the harm that our Government has caused - and continues to cause - to vulnerable people.

Ironically, refugee week began in Australia in 1986 before spreading to other countries. Fast forward 35 years and we have the dubious distinction of years of international condemnation for our illegal detention of asylum seekers and refugees.

Compounding this, we routinely separate families; our family reunification processes have been labelled 'discriminatory' by the UN; and advocates say refugees are being overlooked in our vaccine rollout.

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Support #OurDemocracy

When democracy works, government decisions are made in the best interests of people, the planet and future generations. But right now that's not happening in Australia.

Our democracy is ailing: corporate interests are unfairly distorting democratic processes to win outcomes that put their profits ahead of our wellbeing. 

We need to fix this. We need new rules and oversight to reset our democracy.

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Call for submissions for this year's NSWCCL awards

Nominations are now open for the NSWCCL annual awards, with two new awards adding to our established journalism awards: the NSWCCL activist of the year and the Kafka award.

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Letter: Bring Julian Assange home

Though he is not convicted of any offence under UK law, Julian Assange continues to be held as a prisoner in the same conditions as convicted murderers. His mental and physical health have been seriously compromised.

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties has written to the Prime Minister calling on the Australian Government to bring home Julian Assange and exert its diplomatic influence to end his unjust prosecution.

Similar letters were sent to the Leader of the Opposition and the Parliamentary Friends of the Bring Julian Assange Home Group. 

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Urgent request: “legacy caseload” refugees

NSWCCL is asking its members, as a matter of urgency, to contact the Minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, and/or the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Alex Hawke, asking for more time for members of the legacy caseload to submit updated applications for asylum, before their cases are heard.  

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Rule of Law webathon

Black Lives Matter - an Australian perspective

NSWCCL hosted Australia's contribition to the International Rule Of Law Webathon on Weds 5 May 2021. You can view our session with others from around the world on YouTube here:

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Statement: Minister for Police and Community Services, David Elliott

11 March 2020


NSW Council for Civil Liberties considers the Minister for Police and Community Services, David Elliott, should stand down while a NSW police investigation into whether he has committed a criminal offence is ongoing.

Ministers have a responsibility to maintain the public trust that has been placed in them by performing their duties with honesty and integrity, in compliance with the rule of law.

It is untenable for the Minister for Police, with responsibility for the conduct of the NSW Police Force, to maintain public confidence in the NSW Police Force while he himself is under investigation for a serious offence, in this case an offence which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

While Mr Elliott is entitled to the presumption of innocence and says that he acted in good faith and fired a semi-automatic weapon and pistol "under the strict supervision of the range master",  that does not properly address the question of whether the public can have confidence in the integrity of the police investigation while Mr Elliott remains Minister for Police.

NSWCCL contact: Stephen Blanks, Treasurer - [email protected]

Civil Source December 2019

December 2019 Newsletter

In this issue -

  • Medevac - another shameful last week in the Australian Parliament
  • Major rethink on police strip search powers urgently needed
  • Religious Discrimination Bill – trouble ahead?
  • Government secrecy or a free media?
  • Meet the 2020 NSWCCL Committee
  • In the media

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Civil Source October 2019

October 2019 Newsletter

In this issue -

  • Decriminalisation of Abortion in NSW
  • 2019 Annual Dinner
  • Inaugural Awards for Excellence in Civil Liberties Journalism
  • Action on Climate
  • NSWCCL Annual General Meeting
  • In the media

Read/Download the October Issue (PDF) HERE

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March 2018 Newsletter

National issues | Espionage, foreign influence and the attack on civil society and public discourse| Religious freedom review| Attacks on unions| Citizenship| Universal Basic Income|

NSW Issues | Lack of transparency on Taser Use| Boiling Frog

CCL Issues | Submissions | Successful Annual Dinner | Join an action group | Note change of venue for March Committee meeting 

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