Josh Pallas: NSWCCL condemns the actions of far right extremists

Over the past week there have been ugly scenes of violence and hate perpetrated by far right Christian and neo-Nazi extremists against the queer, and particularly trans, community. NSWCCL condemns these actions unequivocally and stands with the queer community in their push for stronger human rights protections in the face of rising hate. Violence has no place in our politics and must be unequivocally and universally condemned.

NSWCCL will continue to stand up for the right to freedom of belief and religious expression. But religious belief does not, and should not, afford the right to be violent, express hate, or discriminate against any other group within society. All mature democracies will see conflicts of rights from time to time, but we will never support the right to discriminate against another group within society on the basis of religious belief.

NSWCCL also thanks Alex Greenwich for his strong condemnation of Mark Latham MLC for his role in facilitating hateful and discriminatory views against the queer community. We join Mr Greenwich in his condemnation of Mr Latham, and urge all members of parliament to closely consider their rhetoric and actions and how they are giving voice and a platform to the views of right wing extremists.

We will continue to stand with protestors and advocates from the queer community in their fight for justice and equality and urge other generalist human rights and civil liberties organisations to do the same.