SMH: ‘Deeply shocking’: Iranian protester hospitalised after arrest in Canberra

An Iranian-Australian human rights protester who has been hospitalised with serious injuries claims an Australian Federal Police officer assaulted him while peacefully protesting outside the Iranian embassy in Canberra.

Hamid Sotounzadeh was handcuffed and detained by police while protesting outside the embassy on Thursday morning and was found lying concussed by fellow protesters.

This is yet another example of the way the right to public assembly across Australia is under attack. We are seeing fundamental democratic principles stripped before our eyes at an alarming rate. Mr Sotounzadeh was taken to Canberra Hospital where he was found to have three broken ribs as well as fractured vertebrae in his neck and back. The measures allegedly taken by the AFP appear to by disproportionate and ignore every Australian's fundamental human right to peaceful assembly.

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