Over 70% of NSW Police records of use of force contained inaccuracies, review reveals

In a review by the NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, it was found that over 70% of the NSW Police Force records regarding the use of force that were reviewed had at least one inaccuracy despite supervsing officers checking those records, NIT's Giovanni Torre reports. 

The report urged the NSW Police Force improve the training and instructions given to officers about how to record use-of-force.

In response to the report the NSW Police Force said it will develop new policy, guidelines and training.

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Paul Toole told NIT: "As acknowledged by the report, the NSW Police Force is already working to address the report’s recommendations."

More information:

  • The Commission’s report into the creation of a more effective data-collection system of police use-of-force record-keeping can be found here.
  • Fact Sheet about the Commission’s report can be found here.
  • The full article can be found here.