GlobeEcho: Two additional men arrested for involvement in Wakeley church disturbance

A 28-year-old man has been arrested and charged with threatening violence and causing fear after a riot at Horningsea Park.

This resulted in injuries to over 50 police officers and forced paramedics to take shelter in a church for more than three hours while managing the crowd. In response to the violence, Premier Chris Minns underscored his confidence in religious leaders' denouncement of violence and warned that any further unrest would undermine their authority.

The first count appearance was 19-year-old Dani Mansour who was granted bail and admitted that his participation in the riot was a mistake. Additionally, an assault on a 53-year-old religious leader during the incident has been officially classified as a terrorist act by the police. The 16-year-old suspected of this attack is currently hospitalized under police supervision and is set to be evaluated by a forensic psychologist. His attorney has indicated that the teenager has longstanding mental health issues that could have influenced his behavior.

NSW Council for Civil Liberties President Lydia Shelly said authorities should carefully consider all the evidence before laying a terror charge.

Greg McIntyre SC, President of the Law Council of Australia, stressing the importance of rehabilitation rather than punishment for individuals at risk of radicalization. He warned against excessive use of counter-terrorism measures and advocated for a more considered approach to tackling radicalisation and extremism.

It's essential for both the community and authorities to collaborate in preventing future incidents and to foster understanding and cooperation among diverse groups.

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