Campaign for global abolition of death penalty


NSW Council for Civil Liberties has joined with a number of other human rights groups calling for an overhaul to the way the Australian government campaigns to end the death penalty, today launching a new strategy document: ‘Australian Government and the Death Penalty: A Way Forward’.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Human Rights Law Centre, Reprieve Australia, Australians Detained Abroad, NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Civil Liberties Australia and UnitingJustice Australia have joined forces to launch the blueprint.

The blueprint outlines the four steps the government must take if it wants to build on the current momentum to end the death penalty:

  1. Developing a new Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade public strategy document aimed at ending the death penalty, everywhere;

  2. Using the aid program to support civil society organisations campaigning for abolition in countries which retain the death penalty;

  3. Joining forces with other nations to push for universal adoption of a global moratorium on the death penalty;

  4. Putting in place stronger legislation so the Australian Federal Police is required by law not to share information with other law enforcement agencies that would potentially result in suspected perpetrators facing the death penalty.

Australians have already shown their support for Australia to take a lead role in ending the death penalty in the region, and around the world, signing the online petition “Ask Australia to help end the death penalty”. The content we linked to is no longer available

NSWCCL media contact: Stephen Blanks, President, 0414 448 654

Full joint media release

Australian Government and the death penalty: a way forward (May 2015)