Congratulations to former President, Cameron Murphy on his inaugural speech in parliament

On Thursday June 1, former NSWCCL President, Cameron Murphy, gave his inaugural speech in NSW Parliament as a member of the NSW Legislative Council. 

NSWCCL congratulates Mr Murphy on both his appointment to the Legislative Council and a successful and moving inaugral speech in parliament. 

Cameron Murphy was NSWCCL's longest serving President from 2000 to 2013 and to commemorate that laudable achievement, received a NSWCCL life membership in 2013. 

Under Murphy's leadership the CCL prepared extensive submissions to and supplied evidence at, a substantial range of parliamentary inquiries many of which have contributed to significant modifications of draconian anti-terrorist laws. Notably, he has attacked the increased powers given to the police, the use of sniffer dogs and the expansion of the role of ASIO.

Murphy represented the CCL with media commentary and in the public domain, and can claim credit for subsequent modification of some ASIO powers, in particular and the unprecedented general attack on basic rights and liberties that occurred during his time as NSWCCL President. 

Watch Cameron Murphy's speech or read it here.