City Hub: Sydney activist and icon Danny Lim in hospital after police attempted arrest

This week, 78-year-old Danny Lim was in the QVB on George Street when police attempted to have him removed from the building. During the arrest Lim was thrown to the ground and sustained an injury to his cheek.

Josh Pallas, President NSWCCL said: Over the past year we have seen police come down hard on protestors before, during and after protests. Yesterday's police violence directed at Danny Lim takes this to a new level. He was not participating in a protest, but is a well known protestor going about his life and was still subjected to violent policing. This ugly encounter demonstrates the depths of the rotten culture in NSW Police related to protest and the expression of dissent. This rotten culture must be called out and brought to an end. While the investigation into the incident is welcome, it must occur at arms length from Police, preferably through the independent LECC.

Video footage of the incident shows police attempting to remove Lim from the building, saying “you’re under arrest”, as Lim calls out for help. Lim then falls forwards onto the ground while police continue to try to arrest him.

The arrest was ‘discontinued’ police say, and Lim was taken to St Vincents Hospital with a face wound and a black eye. Lawyer Chris Murphy documented Lim’s wounds in the hospital, saying the 78-year-old’s condition was serious.

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