60 Years Strong

We need your help.

In this our 60th year, now more than ever, the importance of celebrating and remembering who we are is so important.

We don't receive any government or external funding. I hope you can donate to support a body of work which will help us remember our history and honour the extraordinary activists who founded the Council. The centrepiece being a collection of video interviews with key people who have made significant contributions over the decades - “60 Years Strong”. We want to make a film that captures our past and is a clear call to action for the future.

Right now, the NSW Government has legislated some of the most draconian anti-protest laws in the nation. Activists who speak out in NSW are going to jail. As recently as last week, NSW police were found to have provided false evidence to help convict two peaceful protesters. The culture this type of legislation emboldens is chilling.

We know that the right to free speech, the right to come together in peaceful assembly and to protest against unfair and unjust laws is essential to a functioning democracy. Supporting non-violent, direct action is a hallmark of the Council’s work.

60 Years Strongwill exemplify that civil liberties and human rights lie at heart of our democracy and we become complacent at our peril! Telling the stories of those who came before us will help us show the wider community that while the fight to protect civil liberties remains hard, it can be won.

Thank you for your support!

Josh Pallas


$5,960.00 raised
GOAL: $20,000.00

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